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About Attorney Joel H. Rosenthal

“I do not think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday.” Abraham Lincoln


About Attorney Joel RosenthalPhilosophy: Attorney Joel H. Rosenthal brings a lifetime of legal and non legal experience to each case. He believes that a client is entitled to both vigorous representation and candor. A client should be told the attorney’s honest evaluation of his or her case. A client can only make intelligent decisions when he or she is given the attorney’s honest evaluation.

He employs experienced investigative assistance in criminal cases and experts (psychologists, handwriting, chemists, etc.) when necessary to assist me in my representation.

Milwaukee native.
BS (Major: History/University of Wisconsin-Madison) 1963
MS (Major: Sociology/University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) 1974
JD (University of Texas School of Law, Austin, Texas) 1971

Non-Legal Experience
Instructor of Sociology (Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas, 1966-1968)
He taught sociology for two years at one of the nation’s largest public historically black colleges in Houston, Texas. His second year was supported in part by the Southern Education Foundation in Atlanta, Georgia.

Intern, Southern Education Foundation, Atlanta, Georgia (1966-1968)
As an intern, he participated in a program focusing on the integrated education in the South. He traveled throughout the region and attended conferences in South Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia and Washington D.C. One of the results of his search was a report (later published by the Journal of Negro Education) on student activism at the historically black colleges.

Legal Experience

  1. Legal Aid Society of Wisconsin, Children’s Court Center (1971-1972)
  2. Assistant District Attorney, Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office (1972-1975)
  3. Associate, Private Firms, Milwaukee Wisconsin (1975-1977)
  4. President/Partner, Luck & Rosenthal, S.C., Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1977-2012)
  5. Law Office of Joel H. Rosenthal, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (2012-President)

State Bar of Wisconsin
Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin
Federal District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin
United States Supreme Court

Attorney Rosenthal’s experiences includes civil and criminal litigation in state and federal courts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Alabama. He has handled both civil and criminal cases before the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The most recent criminal appeal dealt with the issue of “accidental identification.” His current practice is primarily in state courts in southeastern Wisconsin where he has a lifetime of professional experience.